Frequently Asked Questions


1   What is happiness?

Happiness is a state of the mind. The dictionary definition is ‘feelings of joy and pleasure mingled together”. A feeling of happiness is more than just an experience of joy or pleasure. It is a state of mind where the individual feels that “life is good”.


2   What causes happiness?

•    Steady progress towards goals

•    Good self esteem

•    Feeling of control over one’s life

•    Supportive and warm relationships (marriage / friendship )

•    Satisfying work

•    Enjoyable leisure activities

•    Good attitude

•    Healthy body

•    Moderation in everything

•    Impersonal interests


3   What causes unhappiness?

Lack of any of the basics of life

Failure to achieve goals




Relationship problems

Fear of opinion of others


4   What are the traits of happy people?

High self esteem



Sense of personal control

Good attitude

Moderation in everything they do


5   Are women happier than men?

Studies have shown that gender does not affect happiness. Women can be as happy or unhappy as men.


6   Does wealth increase happiness?

Wealth does not increase happiness. Once the basic needs are taken care of, further wealth does not give lasting happiness, since the mind adjusts quickly to the increases level of affluence.


7   Does physical fitness affect happiness?

A fit and healthy body helps a happy state of mind, but like wealth, the mind adjusts to it soon and it ceases to be a factor. Similarly with a disease or an illness, a positive attitude overcomes its adverse impact on the feeling of happiness.


8   Is marriage essential to happiness?

Marriage in itself is not essential, but it is important to have at least one warm and supportive relationship. This adds to the sense of well being. The relationship could be that of a friend, family member or spouse.


9   Is religion essential to happiness?

Religion is not essential, but faith in a higher being usually engenders a feeling of optimism which improves happiness.


10            Is age a factor in happiness?

Age is not a determinant of happiness. Old people can be as happy as young people. It is the attitude towards one’s age that is important.


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